Welcome to Juicy-Junk! 

Thanks for choosing our online store! 

Our goal is to encourage self-confidence within our customers 

because we know that when we look amazing on the outside, we feel amazing on the inside- 

& that's just an all-around amazing way to feel! 


We are constantly updating & adding new inventory & products to our store 

as we want to provide you with the best variety of tools of apparel  

to help you look & feel exceptional, which in turn 

helps in transcending you into rockin' life 

with a higher level of self-confidence. 


At Juicy-Junk, our main goal is to supply you with the most versatile selection of 

deliciously flattering & 🔥hot🔥 n' trending leggings- all year 'round! 

Featured Collections

Leggings & fitness apparel of equal high-quality build material as compared to more expensive brands





Swim around and discover countless unique collections of leggings such as 

Faux Leather, Cellulite Oppression Mesh, Thermal Feece Lined, 

High-waist with Tummy Control, & tons of design & digital prints! 


Most importantly, 

a high majority of our leggings focus on one important focal point: 

the beautiful... the amazing... the b👀ty! 

Check out our famous Bubble Butt Leggings Collection! 


We have ⛲ fountains⛲ of selections 

featuring Hip Lifting & Sculpting, Push-up, 

& Scrunch Booty Leggings- which do wonders for the view of that 

beautiful bouncy back end! 😍😍 

Make sure to 💦 splash💦 thru our flashy Fitness Apparel 

consisting of high-quality exercise and yoga 

Crop Tops, Fitness Shorts, supportive Sports Bras, 

and so much more! 

Don't forget to dive in and check out our 

fantastic Shapewear and Waist Trainers. 


These bodysuits, waist cinchers, and full body shapers 

do wonders to help gently contour your body, 

instantly achieving a slimmer, more toned appearance and better-shaped figure! 


Sweat off pounds with our unique collection of Neoprene belts, tops, and bottoms! 

And for those of us who want a little extra bouncin' bubble in the booty box, 

take a 💧 plunge💧 into our incredible padded and enhanced clothing undergarments 

-AKA Booty Boosters! 


Take advantage of these padded panties and boyshorts to help 

enhance your self-confidence and take your gluteus to the maximus! 


Not everyone was born with our own ideal size booty, 

but now we can dress like we were!  

Our Promise

We have a 100% money-back guarantee, free exchanges and returns, free shipping, free return shipping, free order tracking, free gifts with every purchase, and so much more!

Here at Juicy-Junk, 

we want to help you look and feel your absolute best, 

all the time, for every occasion! 


Be who you wanna be! 

Look how you wanna look! 



-to proudly say, 


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